North Outdoor in a nutshell

North Outdoor is a Finnish clothing brand devoted to merino wool. Our home is in Oulu, next to the Arctic Circle. Each garment, detail and purpose has been designed for the changing weather conditions. Come biting frost, drizzling rain and warm summer days, our clothes amplify the way you look, feel and move.

Our home is one of the coldest places on earth where the weather can change in a blink of an eye. The unpdredictable Mother Nature has inspired us to create clothes that make you feel and look marvelous in every weather and situation.

Merino wool is a game-changer

Merino wool is nature's miracle material. It provides the same qualities that designers of sportswear have pursued already for years. Merino wool is sustainable and biogradable, and use only the highest quality mulesign-free wool that is ethically sourced and certified.

Merino wool's thermal insulation and mosture transfer capabilities make you feel great when it's cold and breathable fibers ensure comfort when it's hot.

Thanks to merino wool's antibacterial qualities, odours will not stick to your clothes, leaving them fresh and cool even without washing.

Merino wool fibre is thin and flexible making it possible to create very thin and soft knits.

And it doesn't itch like other wool material, making it an excellent choice also for sensitive skin.

Nordic minimalism at its best

We love versatility and durability. That's why our clothes are as timeless as possible. The clothes are designed to bring extreme comfort to every situation: at work, in a free-time and outdoors.

Experience the freedom

Our mission is to to create clothes in which you can live your life at the fullest, no matter what the weather or activity is. Our clothes are easy to maintain and include the perfect blend of style, perfomance and comfort.

The owners of North Outdoor, Teemu Kattilakoski and Lauri Pyykönen were professional cross country-skiiers back in the days. Insufficient clothing caused often nuisance for the duo: they felt too often too cold, sweaty, warm or wet.

After learning more about merino wool and its superior abilities, the skiiers decided to create a clothing collection that would enable everyone to enjoy life without uncomfortable clothes. That's what we all about still today.

We don't do compromises. And you shouldn't do either.

Own knitting factory

Not many brands can brag about producing clothes in their own factory - but we can!

From Finland with love

We have made a unique investment and built our own knitting factory in Oulu, close where the Santa Claus lives.

Having our own factory is a huge dream come true for us. We are proud to manufacture the world's best merino wool sweaters in our home country.

Versatile weather enables us to stress-test the sweaters in variying conditions. After many trials and erros, we can proudly say that our Nature collection is the best what money can buy. Just try it yourself!

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