The story of North Outdoor

The story of the current North Outdoor dates back to the turn of the millennium when Teemu Kattilakoski and Lauri Pyykönen were competitive athletes. The two friends, who represented the Finnish national cross-country skiing team, spent hundreds of days training and competing. The duo spent most of their time outdoors, often in harsh conditions. Whether it was freezing cold, windy or slush outside, they went skiing in all weathers. The pace was high, the sweat was pouring, and the clothes were put on and taken off according to the situation and the weather. The body of a top athlete was not to be frostbitten.

There was no shortage of equipment, but the performance in extreme conditions and at higher intensities was questionable. It seemed that a combination that would provide sufficient warmth and protection was not yet available. Kattilakoski and Pyykönen were fascinated to find the right solution. In their spare time, the two friends came up with ideas for carefree clothes that would enable people to enjoy life to the full without cold, heat and laundry. The requirements for the right material were high.

In the early 2000s, sportswear was heel-to-toe technical and man-made. When skiers were given the first merino wool socks to test, the realisation dawned that natural material could provide a solution to the stringent criteria. Even though merino wool socks were wet, they felt comfortable and warm in the ski boots.

Years of ambitious work began, with perseverance and determination to learn about the properties of merino wool and how to make wool products. Product development was guided by the motto that led to excellence during the years of activity: 'progress stops at satisfaction'. Only the best was good enough and no half-measures would be tolerated.

The journey from idea to implementation has required the duo's efforts and sweat drops familiar with the top-level sport. The company's North Star has been courage, ambition and confidence that Finnish expertise and the right actions can also lead to international success. There have been ups and downs, but the pace has never stopped. After many years of hard work, North Outdoor has grown into a clothing company employing more than 30 people and a state-of-the-art knitting factory where most of our sweaters are made. 

This time success is not measured by World Championship medals. The most exciting achievement is hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who live active and fulfilling lives in comfortable and carefree merino wool garments - products that give people the freedom to live life to the full.