Return policy

    How to cancel a purchase

    You will have 14 days to cancel a purchase. The days will be counted from the day when you have received the delivery.

    You can cancel a purchase partly or entirely by returning the product(s) by sending the change and return form to us.

    You can download the return form here. 

    The return form should always be filled and enclosed in the parcel. Without the return form, we don’t know whose return it is about, and we cannot for example refund you the purchase.

    If you do not pick up a delivery, this will not be considered a cancellation. For deliveries not picked up, we’ll collect 10 € as delivery, packing and handling costs.

    How to return a product

    Make the return within 14 days from the receipt of the product.

    Pack the products carefully. Preferably, use the same bag or cardboard box you received the dispatch. Remove or cover the old dispatch markings on the package.

    The return is free of charge when you send us the items following the instructions on this page. 

    We do not accept returns delivered in any other way, and we won’t cover the expenses due to other kinds of dispatches.

    Return with DHL

    If your order was originally delivered with DHL Express, please follow the instructions below.

    1. Place the product(s) you want to return in the same paper bag or cardboard box where you originally received the package from us.
    2. Seal the paper bag or cardboard box package with adhesive tape.
    3. Attach the return label to the return package.
    4. Make sure that any old labels are removed or no longer legible.
    5. Then you can either:

    Refund of payment

    We’ll refund your payment 14 days after we have processed your return.

    We’ll refund the amount using the same payment method you used when purchasing the items.

    We won’t answer questions about refunds if there are less than 14 days from the return.


    The products must be of merchantable quality in their original, intact, and tidy sales package. In any other case, we’ll have the right to charge an amount equal to the decrease in the value of the product or to refuse to refund the purchase entirely. In this case, we won’t either return the product to you until we have been reimbursed for the return and possible resending expenses.

    • The right of return shall apply only clean and unused products.
    • Product labels must not have been removed, and also product packages need to be returned as intact and tidy. (Does not apply to paper bag packaging.)
    • The right of return shall not apply to socks and underwear if the product package has been opened.

    If the returned product is not salable, we reserve the right to charge the cost of refurbishing the product. For example, we charge at least 20% of the product price for pet hair in a product.

    If the product has already been used and we cannot accept a return, we will return the product to you after the unnecessary return costs and additional re-shipping costs have been reimbursed.

    Upon return, we will refund you the amount of the products returned, not the delivery fee. If you have been entitled to free delivery at the time of purchase, but after returning, you end up keeping products below the free shipping limit, we will charge a delivery fee for your order. The delivery fee will be deducted automatically from the price of the product(s) you returned.