Care of merino clothes

Merino wool needs washing very seldom because wool fibre repels dirt by its nature. Therefore, a merino wool cloth's most important care measure is to give the cloth airing.

  • the most important care measure of merino wool cloth is airing
  • see the washing instructions in the care label attached to the product
  • machine wash using a wool-wash setting or hand wash
  • use a wash bag to save clothes
  • low wash temperature, 30 degrees, the product's inside turned out
  • use a detergent suitable for washing wool, pH < 7
  • do not use a rinse agent
  • pull the cloth into shape whilst it's damp
  • don't use a tumble dryer
  • you may iron the product using the mildest temperature setting
  • less frequently you wash the item, the better


    How to maintain merino wool

     Merino wool's ability to cleanse itself in fresh air significantly reduces the need for a traditional wash. Airing will remove all odours – including that of smoke and sweat. In addition to airing, the knit will also benefit from brushing lint off.

    You'll find exact washing instructions in the wash label attached to North Outdoor garments. All merino wool products are not to be washed in the same manner. Our product range includes both base layer sets made of thin knit as well as softer and thicker knitwear. You should also take care of your merino socks and garments from time to time.

    Merino wool is a natural material, and it lives. This is the reason for pilling. The knit's surface remains good if you use a pilling comb, stone or machine. You'll find them in well-equipped department stores, drapers' and thread stores. Don't be scared of pilling. It is a part of the nature of wool and will become less frequent as most loose fibres have come off.

    Care for your knitwear to stand time and look good for years. Wool clothes should be stored clean in a dry place, protected from moths. Take heed of the following tips, and find that merino wool knit is carefree and easy to care.


    Care of merino base layer sets

    The most important care measure of merino wool base layer sets is to give them an airing. You can keep a base layer set fresh for a couple of weeks’ journey without any trouble when you hang the clothes outside for a few hours after use. Merino wool base layers cleanse themselves in the fresh air. This also applies to our Sensitive and Intense collections made of merino-bamboo knit.

    You don’t have to wash the entire merino wool base layer set if it catches some visible dirt. Removing the stains quickly when you wash the cloth by hand is easy. Use a wool detergent with pH 7 or below that for washing.

    North Outdoor base layer sets are machine washable. Always use a wash bag, wool detergent and wool wash programme for the clothes. The use of a wash bag will reduce the pilling of wool knit. A wool detergent is optimal for wool, as usual alkaline, i.e. basic washing agent liquids may fade and bleed the colours of merino wool knit. Garments also get worn and may get holes because alkaline solutions stick to wool fibres and make them weaker. The wool wash cycle will lengthen the life of merino knit, as the spinning of delicate wash is gentler for the garment.

    Do not use a rinse agent. Merino wool is by nature soft and antistatic, and for this reason, a rinse agent won’t be needed for the handling of the knit.

    Pull the cloth into shape when damp and let it dry to its size as straightened. Light stretching keeps the original shape of the cloth. Merino knit often shrinks 3–5% when it is washed. Using a tumble dryer for garments requiring delicate wash is never recommended. Use flat drying on a rack or dry the clothes on a line instead. 

    Care of merino sweaters and other clothes

    Merino wool sweaters stay in good shape for a long time when you give them airing as frequently as possible. It would help if you washed small stains and dark spots at the sleeve end as soon as you notice them. If a garment looks completely dirty, you may wash the whole piece of knitwear and a sweater by hand using a detergent for wool.

    After a hand wash:

    1. Squeeze most water gently out of a damp cloth. You may also roll a thicker knitwear item inside a terry towel.
    2. Pull the cloth into shape after rolling, and always prefer flat drying on a rack.
    3. Be careful not to over-stretch a merino garment. You may iron wool clothes on the reverse side by steaming gently through a moist garment.

    North Outdoor knitwear may get slightly pilled. Pick the small balls of the garment with fingers or use, for example, a pill remover. Pilling will reduce along with time.

    nyppykone-neuleille-northoutdoorCare of merino socks

    As odd as it may sound, airing is the most important care measure of merino wool socks, too. Wool has a fantastic ability to cleanse itself, even though there were socks in question. You may wear the socks very well for a long journey. Merino wool socks are a good alternative for those who suffer from sweating feet because the sock breathes and does not collect odour.

    Merino wool socks can be washed in a washing machine. Neither a rinse agent nor tumble drier is recommended for socks. We recommend using a wash bag also for merino socks, as it will reduce pilling.
    Before wearing socks, you should check what the merino wool percentage of the sock is. The more polyester and polyamide in a sock, the more frequently you should wash the socks. The suitable washing frequency varies between individuals as socks get dirty at varying pace. You may wash thin daily / under socks after every use if you wish. It won’t cause any harm to the socks.
    North Outdoor’s Aitta socks are made of 100% merino wool. Their care is similar to that of merino wool sweaters.

    Care of merino accessories

    Give merino accessories airing as to other merino garments. Especially after a sweaty exercise, beanies, tube scarves and balaclavas need fresh air. Most of the North Outdoor accessories are machine washable. This becomes evident also from the wash label attached to the garment. In that case, prefer using a wash bag, wool detergent and a wool cycle.

    Do not use a rinse agent or a tumble drier. You may also stretch the accessories after the wash if they seem slightly crumpled.

    Scarves and shawls make an exception among merino accessories in the Nature collection, which are to be washed by hand when necessary. Take care of the accessories in the collection as merino wool sweaters.merinovillan-silittäminen-northoutdoor